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About Marika

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to thank you for visiting my little spot on the web. It feels like I’m throwing a housewarming party but my furniture hasn’t been delivered yet! While I am not new to technology, I am new to WordPress, html, and photoshopping. The site has gone live but I still have so much ready to share, just not posted yet. So please bare with me!  Thank you again for coming by; allow me to take you on a tour!

About Me

Welcome to my creative outlet. represents me. The “me” I have become. A “me” who is still changing and growing.  Like so many of you, I want to be the best me — the best Mommy, Wife, and Friend for my family and friends. So, I look to many places for inspiration and ideas. Of course, one click on Pinterest & you can lose track of time!

MarikaReinvented has three main topics: Family, Food, and Fun Stuff.

I Like to Make Stuff!

Actually, who doesn’t like to make stuff? Especially when it comes out well or even better than planned. I’m full of ideas. Always thinking how to do this or that. You know how you get an idea on something you want to do, but are not quite sure how to do it? JGI (Just Google It)!  I’ve come across lots of crafts to try on my own and crafts to try with the kiddoes.  I realized that eventhough I am far far far far far far far from perfect, I am pretty creative and love putting my spin on things. So check out I Made This! & see some stuff I made!

Food should be Yummy!

I’m such a picky eater. I collect cookbooks, try to reinvent things I’ve tried, and surf the web for ideas. There’s so many recipes out there, too. I love being able to get ideas for yummy goodness on the web; especially kid-friendly recipes and Hungarian food. I only spent one night with my grandma in Budapest but I remember the dinner she made like it was yesterday and not 28 years ago. I plan to post those recipes & more in the near future in Yummy.

We travel. A lot! And when you travel a lot, you eat a lot! Road Food is all about places we’ve eaten at along our way. My posts aren’t sponsored, so expect me to report my family’s true feelings on the eateries mentioned.

Family Adventures!

I try to turn every day activities into Adventures. Everything from online activity to around the house diy adventures to car trips. It’s easy to make an outing into an adventure. You get a lot more excitement when you say, “Let’s go on an adventure!” than saying, “Let’s go run errands”.  The kids look forward to getting in the car, which is good because we spend so much time in it. I try to liven up our monotonous trips with varied stops. We check out points of our interest; some tourist stops, some local markets or even some special events.  It doesn’t matter if it is a 1,000 mile trip back east to see family and friends or a 10 mile trek to the farmer’s market, they both can be adventures!

So now you know more about me and my site. I hope you find it interesting and come by often! Please feel free to comment, share, and contact me!


— Marika


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