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Easy Egg Geodes

DIY Egg Geodes @ MarikaReinvented.com

DIY Egg Geodes @ MarikaReinvented.com

Did you also see those crystal egg geodes all over the net and on TV in the Spring? I sure did. I thought to myself, “How difficult can it be to make them with the family?”

I took a look at the kits available online, looked at my budget, then decided I’d just wing it. Basically, you only need like 5 ingredients: regular glue (like Elmer’s), warm water, alum powder, coloring of some sort, and eggs. While this is a project you really can do with the whole family, it is not a quick project. It will take you about 2 days, so this could be used as a lesson on patience and the benefits of waiting. That’s what we did.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Eggs for each geode you want to make

Glue (like Elmer’s)

Some cups (10-12 oz size)

A paintbrush

Alum Powder

Egg coloring of some sort (I used leftover Easter Egg coloring tablets. You could use liquid or powder color if you want. I used what I had on hand.)

MarikaReinvented walks you through making your own egg geode!

MarikaReinvented walks you through making your own egg geode!

Here’s what you’ll do:

*If you want a more fancy pants version of the egg geodes, Martha has a version that requires you to blow out the eggshell and carefully slice it in half. Good luck with that.

1. Bake a cake or two, make some eggs for breakfast, or whatnot. Just don’t waste some eggs for the sake of arts and crafts! But do crack them in half as nice as you can. Almost all of our egg geodes were short and deep because I crack my eggs in half, instead of longways top to bottom.

2. Wash out the egg shells and remove all the fragments from the edges. Let them dry.

3. Using your paintbrush, paint some glue all over the inside of the shell and along the edges.

4. Sprinkle the alum powder all over the wet glue until evenly coated. Let them dry for like 12 hours.

5. Make your magic! Put about one cup of super hot (almost boiling hot) water into the cup & drop in the egg coloring tablet (or whatever coloring you choose). Mix it well. I used the other end of the paintbrush as my stirring stick. Add about 5 Tb of alum powder and mix that in well. Really well. Reheat the water if the alum doesn’t dissolve. Here’s a super important point: make sure your alum powder has potassium sulfate in it. It is not usually a listed ingredient on the small containers in the supermarket, so if you buy it in the supermarket, you’re taking chances. If your alum powder does not have the potassium sulfate, you will not get any crystals. Trust me. We used up one small container on two eggs and used a different container on the other one. Well, only one of them ended up with crystals. Learning from our mistakes, here’s a link to find the alum powder you need.

6. Put one egg shell half into each cup. You want to make sure that it rests open side up. I hope that makes sense. Let it sit for about 12 hours. Yes, 12 more hours! Patience grasshoppers, patience!

7. Fast forward 12 hours later, take out the eggs from the magic solution. If it is not crystal-ly enough, let it stay in a few more hours. When it meets your crystal egg geode standards, take it out, let it dry, and marvel at it’s beauty!

The great thing about a project like this is that it can be used in so many ways. Like I mentioned before, knowing it would take us 2 nights, we used it as a lesson on patience. Thinking about the science behind it, what a neat lesson for school; making a saturated solution and exploring sedimentation! Or it can be what it is… a cool, sparkly project that family members of all ages can do!

P.S. Looking at my pictures, I realized that it may look like Eggland’s Best encouraged me to do this, alas, those are just the eggs I buy! Now if Eggland’s Best wants me to go all egg-crazy for them, by all means, here I am!

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  1. john

    egg is good both for our body and play

  2. jhonny

    Nice article. I love it

  3. John Jones

    Absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing! I’ll be back for more.

  4. Marika

    Thanks for stopping by! We have lots of fun activities planned for Spring Break!

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