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Got Broken Crayons? Make New Ones!

A silicone mold + broken crayons = new fun! from MarikaReinvented.com

A silicone mold + broken crayons = new fun! from MarikaReinvented.com

Got Broken Crayons? I sure do! Kids + Crayons = Broken Crayons. I am not a math genius, but that is one equation I know very, very well! One of my kids even decided that he was going to break every single crayon he owned just so he could fit them in a particular holder.

The thought of throwing out all of those crayons made me so sad. And annoyed. Lucky for me, Crayola heard my cries and created the Crayon Maker. It was one of “THE” most coveted items a few years ago for Christmas. I bought mine afterwards. I was so excited. It works like an Easy Bake Oven, using a 60 watt lightbulb as a heat source, it heats up the broken crayons and melts them. Then you move the lever and pour the melted wax into the two molds. After they cool, you end up with 4 half-size crayons. Did I mention it takes about a half hour?

I’m a bit too impatient for that. Imagine telling 3 anxious kiddoes, “Hey! Let’s make some crayons! In about half a day, we should have a dozen!”. Half. a. day. There had to be some other much quicker and not-so-messy way to reuse these broken crayons of mine.

Enter my beloved Pinterest. A simple search for “broken crayons” yielded so many options! I pinned a bunch of ideas. I decided to go with the “melt the crayons in some kind of mold” option. I pulled out a silicone mold I bought at Dollar Tree to make Tiki Mask ice cubes. The oven temperature settings and baking time varies greatly throughout Pinterest, so i did what I usually do; I winged it!

Here’s what you’ll need: a silicone mold and a bunch of peeled, broken crayons

Here’s what you do: Preheat the oven to 250 degrees, put a bunch of the crayons into each mold, and bake them for about 10 minutes until everyone is melted.

I took them out when it looked like they finished melting. I let them cool, popped them out, and amazed my kiddoes!

What I learned was that next time, I should add more crayons into each mold. I should almost fill them all the way, but not quite. I might also keep a theme for each mold, like greens or reds, etc. This time, I went for a rainbow look. Oh and thanks to Pinterest, I might just try tossing some glitter in there, too! Make sure whatever mold you choose, that you don’t plan on using it for food again. Just my opinion. Oh and the quality truly depends on the brand of the crayons. I noticed the Crayola crayons melted beautifully while the Cra-z-art crayons melted, ummm, differently, more slowly. The possibilities are endless, depending on what molds you have!


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