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Digital Scrapbooking with a Chromebook

MarikaReinvented.com uses Flickr

MarikaReinvented.com uses Flickr

Since I started blogging, I’ve started to really look into digital scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking is when you edit pictures to make things like collages, cards, and even actual scrapbooks or photo albums.  I have done it in the past using Shutterfly and in person at Walmart. Both places have good prices and pretty quick turnaround. Nowadays,  there are so many options and I as I get more familiar with blogging, I’m finding that the software can be used for so much more. With all this new fangled software, I should be excited, but I am saddened; for I have a Chromebook and cannot load software. Any software.

Now that I have this Chromebook, I use Flickr to edit pictures, but did not have much success making collages and digital scrapbooks. I do like ALL THAT FREE SPACE they give you! Come on, who can resist? And editing photos in Aviary is pretty easy. Flickr is my photo hosting choice for my website when I am not self hosting the pictures. And… they have an app so you can enjoy using Flickr whether you are on a pc, droid, or iPad (or other Apple stuff).

I really, really like how easy it is to create collages and picture groupings using Ribbet. It is a website that you use to edit pictures and whatnot. It’s f-r-e-e!! It’s also available as an app. You can upload pictures to it from your computer or Google+ or Flickr. I love that! And because it works with Google+ and Flickr, I can edit and create from practically anywhere, even if I am not at home on my own computer!

Those are my top two faves for messing around with pictures. Both of them come with a good amount of free features.  I came across this article on digital scrapbooking options if you have a Chromebook! It confirmed that I was on the right track and it gave me a few more options to try out. If you are working sans Chromebook, you can still use all of these options. I suppose if you are going to do some serious collaging or scrapbooking online, you may want to investigate buying the pro version of these or others. If you are like me and prefer relatively secure, free, and multi-platform friendly options, then check out Flickr or Ribbet for individual picture editing. If you are looking to do some photo albums or cards, check out Walmart’s photo center (online or in person) or Shutterfly. Good luck and if you come across some faves of your own, please let me know!


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