Jul 25

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Confessions of a Zumba Hypocrite…

Wow, Confessions of a Zumba Hypocrite sounds so serious! But that is what I feel like! At the gym I belong to, the exercise machines and cardio equipment are on the second floor, above the gym and classrooms. Every so often, I’d be working out up there in the morning with my headphones on and no matter how loud I’d turn my music up, the bass and yelping from one of the classrooms completely overpowered my music. It’s easier to ignore the gym lunks and their grunting and slamming of weights. Those guys’ workouts are only like 15 minutes long and then they are gone. So what was the bass and yelping about?

Listen, for the first time since I became a mother of three, I have been lucky to find a 2 hour window a few days a week where I can go workout or take an exercise class. I really, really value that time! It’s been like 6 years! It’s been like 6 years of only taking long walks in the nice weather. Come on, in Wisconsin, that’s only like 2 months a year!

At that same time, a couple of my friends kept mentioning how much they have come to like Zumba and invited me along. I constantly declined. I don’t really dig classes, I thought. I’m too shy, I thought. I really don’t dig yelping either, I thought.

Finally, my friend over at pinkfluffyfish.com didn’t give up on me and invited me to go to the Zumba class she went to. After all, it was at the same gym I went to, at the same time I was usually at the gym. The day came and after working out, I went down and found the Zumba class. I took my place at the very back, very far corner of the class. I was sandwiched between the sweetest 70+ year old lady and another newbie. And… wait for it,  IT WAS GREAT! I had no idea that each instructor carefully choreographs their own routine beforehand, but I caught on and was encouraged by my Zumba neighbors. Almost immediately, I was determined to come back and get these moves down! The next day, boy did my legs feel the impact of the Zumba class. I loved it! To me, it’s the feeling of progress.

I went back again the following week. Then I found another class at the same time on a different day. Unbeknownst to me, that class was Zumba but WITH WEIGHTS! Whoah! Doing that after working out first does not equal a good idea! But before I knew it, the hour had passed and I was anxious to come back to that class, too! I ran into the instructor afterwards and she was so encouraging and nice!

Here I am 3 months into my new workout schedule that now includes Zumba classes. It took about 3 weeks before IT HIT ME. The bass. The yelping. The clapping. It was from the Zumba class and… I was one of them! You really truly never know if you would like something unless you try it! So get out there and try something new!

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