Jul 22

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The Birthday Comeback!

I returned to blogging today, not that too many people noticed I was even gone. LOL! That’s ok because today is my birthday! Yay me! I love love love love love my birthday! It’s my own personal New Year celebration. It is most likely the one day I wake up happy and hop out of bed willingly! It’s a time to say goodbye to newly acquired bad habits, generate a new enthusiasm, and make some goals. I’m a list maker, that’s just how I roll. (As a procrastinator, I need my lists!) I like the exercise of simply writing things down to help me remember them and as goals are reached, is there really any better feeling than checking things off your list?

My lists have gotten more complex over the years. As a kid, I started with just a little 5 goal list. I remember one thing was to clean my room every Saturday. Wish I had kept that up! Now, I have personal goals; things I want to do for/with my family and myself. I also have spiritual goals. Lastly, I have professional goals as well.

Putting pen to paper, for me, makes a wish become a goal that requires a plan.  Over the next few weeks, I will look at my goals and plan out the steps I need to take to make them happen. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, I don’t always complete my goals. I do start out pretty strong. Then… well you know, things happen. Life happens.

That’s where I’m taking a different approach this year. I am not just going to put random dreamy goals on my list or super simple things either. I want to carefully think about things I need to accomplish to truly be a better me. I don’t want to do things and then after I mark it off, forget about it. For example, I had a goal to teach myself a different kind of technology, blogging. I wanted to challenge myself and help myself professionally by adding another skill to my repertoire. I didn’t realize that would involve picking the right name, buying the domain name, finding a great host, learning the ins and outs of WordPress, editing pictures, and posting. With time, I did manage to figure out and do those things, but I didn’t keep at it. I have so many drafts waiting in the wings, however, before today’s post, I haven’t posted in months! I didn’t realize that until I logged in and realized it had been so long that I actually needed to log back in!

At this point, why bother going back to blogging? I have to thank my “friend-in-my-head” Jen over at People I Want to Punch in The Throat for the reminder. I follow her blog regularly.  I like her point of view and her delivery. She reminds me of Jersey and New York, although neither of us live there any longer. Anyway, I was over on her site and took a gander at her FAQ About Blogging. Go take a look (& come right back here!). I’ve done many of the things on her FAQ and some I have yet to try or need to try harder at doing. Jen is very blunt and doesn’t paint unnecessarily rosy pictures about how beautiful and easy blogging is. Because it isn’t easy for every person. But that doesn’t mean a person shouldn’t blog. Then she hit the nail on the head, her blog is where she goes to vent. She says it is her therapy. And, she is right. After writing a post, you feel a relief. I always feel pretty good after I write something. Like checking something off on one of my lists, it feels great! And, I want to to do it again!

Thanks Jen. I have added “blogging regularly” to my list of goals for my 39th year. Yes. 39. As in I am one version away from Marika 4.0.  Sigh.

Back on the road!

Back on the road!

So here it is, my Personal Goals for 39:

1. Blog. Blog regularly. At least 3 times a week. With pictures.
2. Make sure I have a meaningful 1-on-1 conversation with each of my kids daily.
3. Increase gym workouts for more results.
4. Take Yukon to the dog park more.
5. Have at least 2 date nights this year with my husband. (That’s a 200% increase!)
6. Make a sustained effort to keep things organized.
7. Get a handle on the family chores. I will not do everyone’s chores.

I know, 7 is an odd number. But it is my favorite number and odd numbers are auspicious! Some of my goals might seem pretty lame, but it is what it is. You don’t have to wait until New Years or your birthday to take some deep thought and draft up some goals, be they personal, spiritual, or professional. Any day is a good day to hop on the road to being a better you!

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