Mar 25

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Subscribe and Schedule Free Printables to your HP Printer

I discovered something pretty cool today when setting up another computer to our newest printer, an HP Officejet Pro 8600. You can subscribe and schedule free printables to print directly to your HP Printer! I may be a day late and a dollar short to this, but I had to share it. After I accepted that our last all-in-one cheapy printer, a Kodak, was on it’s last leg, I bought another budget-friendly printer, an HP Officejet Pro 8600 all-in-one. I haven’t really taken a good look at all of its features quite honestly because my Chromebook doesn’t work with many of them. I do like this printer a lot. It has good quality prints, it prints double-sided prints quickly, and I like how the inks can be replaced individually. For the record, I paid for my printer; HP has not sent me the printer or asked me to love them.

Anyway, back to my topic…

You can manage your HP printer online. Once you type in the address, it takes you to the dashboard, the main menu. There are tabs to look at scanning options, faxing options, web services, networking options, tools, and other general settings. It is under Web Services where you will see the link for the ePrint Center.

*If all those steps are too technical, you can easily go straight to HPePrintCenter.com. In either case, you need to create a log in.

Once you are all logged in, take a look around. It’s good to get familiar. You never know what you may learn! There are 4 main tabs: Collections, Services, Welcome, and Devices. Services is where you will find the Printables. The first row shows you all of the printables that you subscribe to. The next row, shows you some recommended printables. The next few rows are specific categories from business to coupons to educational printables to completed menu planners to travel guides. Lots of options. You can also search, too. after you see one that piques your interest click on it to see a sample and schedule when to have your printer print it. Some printables can only print on a specific day, while others offer you the flexibility of what day to print. Oh, did I mention you can also pick not just the day, but the hour as well? Yup, you can! I have a Crayola printable scheduled to print while we get ready for church. I can grab it and throw it into our busy bag. Our little boys love Hot Wheels cars. There is a printable for them and I scheduled that to print as well.

I know so many people are moving towards a more digital world and we should conserve paper and so on. As a family, we limit our plugged in time and sometimes, you just can’t beat paper and crayons. I’d much rather print a few pages a week rather than continuously buy coloring books and activity books. I am excited to see what prints. We take lots of car trips and I look forward to the variety this will bring.

*As I was about to publish this post, our first printouts came out. The Dreamworks app printed out 3 pages of activities from Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I put one in my daughter’s lunchbox!

HPePrintCenter not only gives you free printables, but you can schedule when to print them!

HPePrintCenter not only gives you free printables, but you can schedule when to print them!

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