Mar 24

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Camera + Family Dog = Fun Times

Our dog, Yukon, in deep doggy thoughts

Our dog, Yukon, wishing for spring

Fun with the family dog. What happens when you take a family and add one camera and a loving family dog? Hilarity will ensue. At least, our kind of hilarity. Like I have said in some previous posts, I try to make every day not so everyday for our kids. Tonight while we were waiting for dinner to finish cooking, my daughter, Petunia, said to me, “We should totally do that dog-in-a-sweater thing with Yukon!” Since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I knew EXACTLY what she meant!

A little backstory, we are fans of William Wegman, the photographer behind all of those famous Weimaraner pictures and cards. So one day, I tried posing Yukon to mimic Man Ray, Wegman’s original muse. Well, let’s just say Epic Fail!

Not too long after that fun failure, my daughter and I were looking at YouTube videos and saw this one posted by MrViralNews, clearly inspired by Wegman. Their dog, in a University of Wisconsin hooded sweatshirt is sitting at a table eating.  We find it so funny!

So now, fast forward to today. Everything aligned just right… We had 10 minutes or so before diner would be ready. My daughter and I were in the kitchen. My beloved Yukon was lurking by my feet, praying for me to drop some food. I happened to be wearing an oversized hooded sweatshirt. When Petunia made her suggestion, I was game!

I am the one sharing the sweatshirt with Yukon and Petunia took the pictures and directing me how to move my hands.

Let me just say this, I had no idea how hard it would be to keep a 2 year old doggy still while trying to share a hooded sweatshirt with him! Our Yukon sure is good sport! I would NOT recommend trying this with a cat! making the collage of the pictures we took made me laugh all over again!

It was just 10 minutes, but we all laughed so much. After such a long day, a good laugh was just what we all needed! And we have some pictures to remember it, too. Sometimes it’s nice just to stop and have a good laugh.


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