Feb 06

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How Well Do You “Like” Yourself? Enough to +1?



Ever wonder if you like yourself enough to +1 your own post? Blogging and having my own WordPress-based website is new to me. I’m concerned about offending others if I reference their material incorrectly. My most recent nagging thought, “Do you really like me?”  I’m worried about readership and followers and subscribers. It wasn’t that long ago, I learned about the different ways you can share your blog posts. I learned there’s a way to syndicate to your Facebook page; I learned the subtle way to promote your post, by “liking” it, on Facebook or not so subtly, by “sharing” your post.

As soon as I publish a new post, I immediately click to look at it myself. I stare at the various plugins and widgets I’ve connected. And I wonder. I wonder if I should hit the Facebook like button or maybe even the Google +1 button. I mean, I have a Facebook page and I sometimes look at my Google+ feed. But is that in poor taste? Is it too bold to like myself? Is it conceited to like everything I post?

What will people think?!

Well, I decided that I do like myself. I like myself to +1 my posts. And of course, I should like my own posts and what not. I like me… well, most of the time. I like sharing things about my life. It seems to take forever for me to make just one post; I want it to be just right. I want to make sure I don’t make the pictures too big or out of focus. Did I caption everything right? Did I link everything right? It’s been frustrating and fun figuring out WordPress and blogging.  I’m intrigued by the marketing aspect of blogging and popularity. Pinterest’s influence truly is phenomenal. Social networking didn’t exactly exist when I was in college studying marketing and technology. (Not to date myself!) I’ve studied it on my own to supplement what I learned in school.

This has been a great learning process and very therapeutic as well. There’s so much in my head and now I have an outlet! So, I am going to like myself, maybe even enough to +1 and I sincerely hope you do, too! Perhaps I will check back in after a while to let you know if more I have more visitors here since liking myself.

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  1. Lara

    I like you! I would love if you shared on facebook everytime! I don’t always check my email, but I do check my facebook!! I hope you start sharing more!

  2. Marika

    Thanks! I will make sure I do!

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