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Frozen Bubble Fun

As some of you may know, I live in Wisconsin. Home of the best cheese, great milk, tons of cranberries, the brat, lots of beer, and the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. I have been told, “Winter usually isn’t like this!”  year after year for like the past 4 years! We have gotten tons and tons of snow, that may I add, is cleared within hours from the streets with these gigantic backhoes with snow plow attachments. It’s a pretty cool sight to see. Our kids have had more “cold weather” days than snow days because the snow is not usually a problem, however, the sub zero wind chills are a problem. This past month’s weather has given us a record breaking number of cold weather days. We had wind chills of -45!

Having the kids home for so many days, usually two at a time and following a weekend, presents a problem with what to do to keep them entertained. There’s only so many movies to catch up on before the kids (or I) lose interest. Luckily, my dear husband grew up here and gave us lots of ideas for things to do! Enter: Frozen Bubbles!

When the bubbles freeze, they get cloudy.

When the bubbles freeze, they get cloudy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

It’s pretty straight forward, bubbles. You simply need a bottle of bubbles or make your own. Whatev.

You’ll also need freezing cold weather; can’t forget that!

Here’s what you do:

Bundle up

Grab your bubbles

Go outside

Blow as many bubbles as you can before freezing to death

They fall so fast as they freeze! For added excitement, carefully watch the bubbles. It takes only a second for them to freeze and break. Once frozen, the bubbles do not pop, they break! Pretty cool! We were all amazed, parents and kids alike.

*For extra excitement, try to catch some of the bubbles by yourself before they break so you can study them!

*For extra, extra excitement, try to catch bubbles by yourself AND take pictures of them while bundled up and freezing!

Welcome to my world! But seriously, it is pretty cool! The bubbles fly out all over; some pop as soon as they touch something, while some last long enough to land, freeze, and then break. My oldest daughter and I tried catching some just so we could take pictures to show Daddy how we fared. It was so much fun;  trying to catch them without breaking and then snapping a picture before it breaks!

We still managed to make an adventure out of a cold weather day! And… since we had bubbles around the house already, it was free entertainment!

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