Jan 28

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How Do They Make Those Great Printables?

How do they make those great printables?


I love that there are so many creative people out there who are nice enough to share their printables online for free. I often wonder, “How do they make those great printables?”

Let me rewind… I really enjoy making my own how-tos, activity pages, handouts, newsletters, etc. Whenever I have a presentation, I prepare handouts for my audience and note pages for myself. Whenever someone asks me to tutor them or consult, I like to leave behind a nice how-to for their future reference. Newsletters help keep people in the loop and up-to-date. For my kids, my own and those I teach at church, I like doing activity pages and half-page flyers for upcoming activities.

Lately, I have been relying on Pinterest and Google for inspiration and printables. It kills me to admit this but, I have been struggling with my new Chromebook. I accidentally fried my motherboard while replacing the screen on my last laptop. I opted for the Samsung Chromebook, figuring that most of what I do nowadays is online and I like the way it works so easily with my Android phone. Let me get back on track, this isn’t a Chromebook review. (But not a bad idea!)

Anyway, so here I am stymied by my inability to quickly adapt to Google drive’s docs and presentation after years of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. In the meantime, my need for printables has grown exponentially. What to do? what to do?I took my own advice and just googled it! I discover all the nice printables on Pinterest and online. They helped me out in a pinch, but I still have a need to make my own printables. But how?

Luckily, I found this easy to follow tutorial online at kid blogger network. This is a nice tutorial to make printables using materials that are available for free. Erin uses OpenOffice = free, Gimp = free, clipart = free.  She also shares with us the links to the free sites where she gets her clipart and the free app that she uses for editing (Gimp). In addition to sharing what she uses to make her printables; she also shares, step-by-step, how to make a printable. She explains that she starts her printables by laying out tables that way everything has it’s own space and lines up nicely. How come I have never thought of that?! I like how she walks you through the process by showing us how she makes a printable for kids to practice writing.

This is a very quick and easy tutorial to refer to even if you do not use OpenOffice, like I no longer can do. I still learned something new! Thanks Erin!

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  1. Lara

    YES!! I am so excited to see this! I worked for three hours on a terrible print out! YAY! thank you for sharing! Now, I will be able to make a fabulous one!!

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