Jan 11

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Links for Food Bloggers

Learning more about blogging makes me smile! RecipeGirl's links for bloggers post is great!

Learning more about blogging makes me smile! RecipeGirl’s links for bloggers post is great!

Some time last spring, RecipeGirl did a post of 150+ links for food bloggers. She said it contained “everything you needed to know”.  She’s right!

I am not strictly a food blogger, but I do like to share some recipes and food reviews. So, I started scrolling through her list. RecipeGirl’s list is for beginners as well as for established food bloggers. I’m grateful that I came across her list of links. There is so much useful info in her links. They are all organized into topics; How to start a food blog, New to blogging?, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), How to grow your blog, Food writing, How to write a cookbook, Nutritional facts, Hosting companies, Blog design, How to make money with your blog, Security, Photo editing, Photography tips, Food props and styling, Pinterest tips, Twitter tips, Facebook tips, Video tips, How to work with a brand, and Copyright info.  Just about every topic you can think of is covered. There’s even links for Food Blogging conferences! Oh and lastly, there’s a bunch of General Info links. I guess what really drew me in to the post was that it is not necessarily just for food bloggers. Any blogger could benefit from reviewing some of the information in this very, very comprehensive list.

For me, it would take days to go through every single link. However, it can be done! Blogging is a work in progress; something that you are always refining and improving. Technology changes so frequently that a listing like this one helps you get up to speed.  A resource such as this one helps ease a lot of new blogger anxiety. Thank you Lori Lange @RecipeGirl. I am going to go through your links and learn all I can!

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