Dec 31

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Countdown to New Years

Since we travel a lot, the kids and I are excited about celebrating New Years together at home. They are so excited that the two little guys willingly took naps today! That gave me time to prepare a little countdown to New Years party night for us. I have lots of my own inspiration and some other ideas from around the web and Pinterest.

My kids and I are night owls. They will have no trouble staying up until the ball drops. I’m thinking first, we’ll have dinner. Tonight, we will have Lencse fozelek, Hungarian lentil bean not quite a stew, not quite a soup. In Hungary, as in many places, lentil beans bring good luck. It can be an all day affair to make lencse fozelek, but I’m fortunate that our family is not of any kind of bean soup, so my own one hour version will work just fine.

For dessert, we will enjoy some tasty hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows.  I’m thinking there are cookies in our near future also!

I’m making little countdown bags based on some Pinterest pins. Cornerstone Confessions is so sweet to have made these free clockface printables. You can print and cut out each clockface, then glue them to paper bags. We will use them to countdown each hour until midnight with a snack or activity in each one.

For 8 PM, I printed out New Years Resolution bookmarks. They have a space for personal, health, and spiritual goals for the upcoming year. I like that they are bookmarks. My daughter is an avid reader and will definitely use it. I figure we can keep they younger ones’ bookmarks on the fridge.

For 9 PM, Movie and popcorn time! Santa dropped off a few movies and microwave popcorn bundles for us on Christmas.  Kids’ choice!

For 10 PM,  we will complete a quick little one page year in review. I hope that this can become an annual activity that we can look back on. Of course I could make my own, but I found this one online!

For 11 PM, get ready to make some noise!  I put a scoop of brown rice (leftover from a project) in little 2 ounce to go cups from GFS Marketplace. I hot glued the lids on to keep the rice inside. I printed out these clocks to glue on the lids. At midnight, we can shake our noisemakers!

For midnight, we will pop our bubbly… Sprite!

That’s it! Nothing stressful, nothing expensive. Just family fun together. Let’s see who makes it to midnight! I hope I do!


An hourly countdown to New Years; each bag with an activity or snack!

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