Dec 30

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My Take on Time’s 50 Best Android Apps of 2013


My Take on Time’s Top 50 Best Android Apps of 2013

I don’t always look for new Android apps, but when I do, I like to look at lists of the top ones. 🙂 Today, I came across Time Magazine’s list of the 50 Best Android Apps for 2013. Proudly, I’d like to say that I am familiar with some of them and I actually like a few of them. The apps on the list are wide ranging, which is good because there is something for everyone. Here are my thoughts on that list.

Some neat apps on the list:

Want to send text messages from your computer using your cell phone number? Well, MightyText can do that!

The ESPN Score Center app has a neat, easy to read layout that makes glancing at the sports scores quick.

I’d like to see if I like having the news read to me. Umano will do it.

Some apps I’ve actually used (and how I fared):

Now I once used Sticher Radio, but uninstalled it. Sometime during this past year, I installed it to listen to NPR and other stations while I travel. However, it doesn’t matter what radio app you’re using when you are so remote, there is no cell service… So, it’s not Sticher’s fault.

Shazam. Ever hear a song and not know the name? Shazam can tell you. I liked it, but didn’t like the ads in the free app enough to keep it.

Ah, ShopSavvy. My sister-in-law told me about this app while I was holiday shopping a few years ago and I have been suing it ever since. It’s really useful for my daughter, who’s 10, when we are shopping. She is becoming quite the savvy shopper!

I am still a fan of Google Translate. You can type or speak the word or phrase. It is better at Hungarian than I am.

Flickr is the photo sharing site that gives you tons of free space for your pics, like 500,000 images tons. Through Flickr, I became familiar with Aviary Photo Editing. It is a good app. Lots of options.

Up until yesterday, literally, I used Swype to text and whatnot on my phone. I started having problems with it freezing a lot. I liked having the ability to swype my movements across the keyboard or speaking my words. However, the freezing got to be annoying. So after I wiped my phone, I chose not to reinstall it. I have to confess, I’m so used to swyping, that typing is annoying me now…

I’m thinking about trying these apps:

I think I will try using TripIt. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am all about itineraries. If I can see things at a glance and it is all organized for me, I like it. You can email the flight info/ reservations/etc to tripit or let it gather the info from your gmail.

I am excited to try KeyRing. Instead of having all of those keyring savings cards on my keychain; I can load them into this app and simply pull up the right one at the store.

If you are looking for apps, I suggest you check out Jared Newman’s post on Time. It’s also funny to read comments and self promotion in the comments sections. Btw, he wrote this back in June, but the apps are still worth looking at. Good Luck!

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