Nov 11

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Big-A** Sandwiches

Portland, OR- This sandwich cart was featured on the Travel Channel, so we gave it a try when in Portland. Like their name says, they specialize in making rather big sandwiches that include the fries and slaw within the sandwich. Reminds me of our beloved Primanti Bros in Pittsburgh & Fort Lauderdale.

Their signature beef Big-Ass Sandwich comes with roast beef, cole slaw, fries, and a bechamel cheese sauce on ciabatta bread. This sandwich is huge and very messy, but worth it. The meat was perfectly cooked and tender. The bechamel sauce wasn’t too cheesy or bland. It comes wrapped tightly, so you need to unwrap it slowly and perhaps try eating it like a burrito. If you don’t, good luck! It is definitely worth a try!

The Big-Ass French Dip sandwich uses the same tasty roast beef and french fries, however it also has Swiss cheese, peppers, and onions. It is accompanied by an au jus. While it had a few too many fries, the au jus was one of the best ever. It had a mild coffee flavor and was not too salty.

One thing: Try to get there before the 12 o’clock lunch rush

About to try the sandwich

Big-Ass Sandwiches in Portland, OR


Big-Ass Sandwiches in Portland, OR


Overall: 4 out of 5 Heifers on the Briggs Scale


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