Nov 04

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Mutts Canine Cantina

Dallas, TX- Yes, you read that correctly, Mutts Canine Cantina. It’s a one acre dog park and a restaurant, complete with beer garden.  What a great concept! If you have a membership, you can drop your doggie off to an attendant for some off the leash fun while you dine! Or you can sit and eat with your doggie on a leash. As if the concept wasn’t great enough, the food is beyond expectations and the prices are very reasonable. They offer breakfast. lunch, dinner, and snacks.  You can try oatmeal, a variety of burgers and hot dogs along with shakes, craft sodas, beer, or espresso. Oh, how can I forget…. there are doggie treats as well!

The Turkey Mutt was awesome! It came with sprouts and their own “Bow Wow” sauce.

The Plain Mutt is a basic burger. It was good. The garlic toasted bun is distracting though.

The Breakfast Taco was fantastic! Who knew that something so simple, just eggs, cheese, thick cut bacon and a dill sauce could be so good?! Briggs said he could eat them all day!

One thing: Try it whether you have a dog or not!


Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger @ Mutts Canine Cantina in Dallas, TX

Plain Burger

Plain burger @ Mutts Canine Cantina in Dallas, TX

Overall: 3.5 out of 5 Heifers on the Briggs Scale


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