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Baby Washcloth Re-Do

Over the past two summers, I’ve been getting to know my sewing machine. Mind you, I’ve had it for about 9 years. I can’t do anything fancy like sew myself a wardrobe or anything, but I can thread the bobbin and sew a straight line, sorta. I started with a pillow case for my son’s travel pillow. I know, major project! With that success,  I moved on to pre-shirred tops/ summer dresses, personalized hooded big kid towels, and  tie-on chair covers.  And now, my latest quick little project involved some of my favorite things to do: sew without really measuring, make something truly useful, and be a reasonably quick project.

I like getting all crafty and really enjoy when the craft let’s me recycle, reuse or re-purpose something. After an unfortunate pen-in-the-laundry incident, I had a  flannel baby blanket and a bunch of onesies that were not only nice and clean, but now spotted with dark blue ink. I tried dying the onsies dark blue. I cut one of the blankets into doll-size blankets for my daughter. Then, thanks to Google and  Pinterest,  I found the inspiration behind the next project! I saw a tutorial for two-sided chenille and flannel diy baby washcloths at creationsbykara. My babies are now toddler and preschool aged, so their flimsy baby washcloths aren’t really beefy enough to wash off all that they get into during the day. I didn’t have chenille fabric laying around. However, a baby washcloth backed by cute baby flannel would work!

201209_ Measure & Cut Flannel to washcloth size

Cut flannel to washcloth size

So, here’s what you’ll need:

several flimsy baby washcloths


flannel baby blanket or fabric

scissors (I used pinking shears)

sewing machine & thread


Here’s what you do: 

Basically, I put the right side of the washcloth and the right side flannel together and cut the flannel to the washcloth’s size. Next, you pin them together. Since i was making a bunch, I did all the cutting and pinning first.

After I cut and pinned all the washcloths and flannel pieces, I began to sew each one around the edges leaving a small enough corner open so I can pull it inside out. (<- I hope that makes sense). Then, I actually did turn them all right-side out. Then, I ironed them to make it easier to run a stitch around  about 1/4″ in from the edge. By running a stitch around them, it also closes the opening I left for turning them right side out.



All pinned up & ready to go!

This little endeavor took about 2 hours with the supervision of my 2 little helpers… They couldn’t wait til bath time to test them out!

Finished baby washcloth @ mariakreinvented.com

Finished baby washcloth @ mariakreinvented.com

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