May 29

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The Big Texan

Amarillo, TX- Stopped in to eat at The Big Texan on a busy week day.  The place itself if very tourist-friendly. The decor is western throughout including the exterior.  Briggs had the 36 ounce steak. It came with a  baked potato & cowboy beans. The steak was cooked perfect to order, however, about 7 ounces of it was fat.  The baked potato was bad and after pointing this out to our server, it was quickly replaced. Service was good and attentive with the family-style seating. For a night out in Amarillo, it was worth it. The price was decent and the atmosphere was fun.

One thing: you might want to ask to see your steak before it was cooked to order. Especially when ordering one of their famous larger sized steaks.

Beware: if you order the 72 ounce, be prepared to sit up on stage!

Overall: 4 out of 5 Heifers on the Briggs Scale

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