Feb 10

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Katz’s Deli

NY, NY- Katz’s Deli is a famous deli located in New York City. It was featured in When Harry Met Sally. Briggs stopped by here after seeing it spotlighted on many food shows, like Man vs Food. However, he left greatly disappointed. The food was very lackluster. It is a very busy, cash only  (not Kosher) Jewish deli. Expect to pay $15+ for a disappointing sandwich. Even for New York City, the price, quantity, and value are not worth it. Briggs had the in-house cooked pastrami sandwich. Sadly, the meat lacked flavor, was gelatinous and greasy. He had to overload the sandwich with mustard to impart any kind of flavor. Any deli anywhere can make a pastrami sandwich with better quality and for far less price with better service. However, not throwing in the towel, he purchased a salami to go. Once home, the flavor was so terrible, it ended up as dog treats.  Briggs has no desire to ever go back to Katz’s deli. Ever. Clearly it is a tourist trap. Lucky for them NYC is huge and there is a great number of people who will continue to get suckered into the deli for the experience.

One thing: The dill pickle was ok.

Overall: 1 out of 5 Heifers on the Briggs Scale


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